Tea Off

As life progresses, we find ourselves seeking solace in the little things; and for us, anytime is tea-time when it comes to a fine full bodied brew.

Just as we have dedicated ourselves to our passion, we like to celebrate those who engage in theirs and have created an ideal gift to do just that. “In golf as in life it is the follow through that makes the difference”- Dr Seuss

Good Advise for Tough Times

Good Advise for Tough Times

We believe that when times get tough we all need a little motivation.
Ours is tea and that’s why we recommend a daily dose. Each tea bag contains premium quality Ceylon black tea to nourish the body and each tag an encouraging quote, to uplift the soul.

Get Hooked

Life is like fishing, its all catch and release till you find something worth holding on to. After much perseverance and passion, we bring you a gift genuine in its simplicity. Perfect for those people in your life that are authentically themselves.


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