Our Products

CTP offers a wide selection of Ceylon tea, tea products, and tea packaging options that combines contemporary designs with cutting-edge technology, and cost-efficient delivery systems.

The purpose of blending is to maintain near-identical quality and strength throughout the year. Customers who require Garden Packed originals are supplied accordingly. Speciality teas for the preparation of iced tea, spiced tea, herbal and fruit flavoured teas can all be supplied from our in-house facilities. These teas can be supplied in bulk or as pre-packaged formats including a variety of tea bags, tins, gift sets and tea caddies.

We have undertaken private label packaging assignments for large international brands, like Bag Lady Teas among others. We merge modern packaging technology–such as foil liners, laminated cartons– with traditional and eco-friendly materials like heat-treated and hand-crafted wooden boxes to increase the shelf life of our products to ensure they retain freshness and natural aroma.

Our aim is to offer unique products with customizable packaging options to satisfy every need.

Bag Tea Ladies

Bag Ladies Tea

This unique and quirky range of teas was established over 10 years ago to celebrate women and the joys and bonds they share together.

The re-usable tins hold 25 tea bags each with its own witty tag and contains finest English Breakfast Tea.

Novel Tea

Novel Teas

There is no better company than a steaming cup of tea as you open the cover of a favorite classic or turn the page of the latest thriller.

Whether traveling to distant times and far off lands or discovering new characters in a nearby locale, a soothing cup of tea makes the journey more pleasurable and the memory lasting. Novel Teas tins contain 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea.


The Blossom Collection

Like the original range of Bag Ladies Tea, the Blossom Collection is about celebrating life’s moments.

Beautifully presented in chic and sophisticated packaging, each tea bag tag contains a different insightful and thoughtful quote. Whether it is a birthday, a thank you, a thought for a friend or a moment in your day to take some time out, this new range of teas will suit both men and women. The Blossom Collection is available in both cartons and sachets, holding 25 or 5 teabags respectively.


Kandyan Dancer by Dheane Tè

Of the many brands under our flagship Dheane Tè banner, the Kandyan Dancer label is a long-running staple of CTP that has, over the years, evolved into an international favourite.

Inspired by the captivating spectacle of traditional ‘Kandyan’ dancers of Ceylon’s Hill Capitol – CTP’s Kandyan Dancer label delivers an assortment of products across multiple flavours that inspire pure delight. This range consists of tea bags individually over-wrapped in aroma preserving foil envelopes, and packed in printed cartons. Alternate packaging options include wooden boxes.


Lucky Leaf

This range primarily contains Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green tea. They come in a variety of packaging from loose tea in metal caddies and printed board cartons and tea bags in in-expensive protective packaging.


Healing Tea Leaves Of The World

‘Healing Tea Leaves of the World’ features tea blends from all corners of the globe. With herbal tea selections from some of the most exotic places on earth including Green Tea with Lemongrass from Thailand, Rooibos with Mint from South Africa, Chamomile and Almond from Egypt and Masala Chai from India, our teas will transport you on a colourful journey with the help of aromatic herbs and spices.


Customized Packaging

Over the years, we at CTP have serviced a broad range of clients in accordance with a diverse range of specifications, building character and experience each step of the way.

Today, our ‘private label’ packing division is an important area of our global business with a variety of packing options.


Gourmet Tea Chests

A range of products of exemplary craftsmanship, Dheane Tè’s Gourmet Tea Chests are hand-crafted velvet lined wooden boxes with brass fittings. The nine compartments in the box contain nine varieties of teas with every compartment holding 10 tea bags individually sealed in foil sachets.

Useful, fancy, and sturdy for long-term use, ‘Gourmet’ Tea Chests suit homes, hotels, restaurants, or any other destination where freshly stored tea is a top-of-mind priority.

Masala Chai

Masala Chai

Our aromatic spiced tea follows the traditional recipe of the famous “Indian Masala Tea”. The authentic preparation of the traditional beverage involves the grinding of spices and is time consuming, although the result has been worthwhile to most consumers. We now offer you the same result in the convenience of a tea bag, a perfect solution to today’s busy life-style. Our blend of Pure Ceylon Tea and dehydrated spices is often preferred with the addition of milk and sugar.