Sri Lankan Tea Regions

Tea Regions of Sri Lanka

The brew in your cup has a story to tell. It speaks of rolling hills, abundant sunshine, and lush provinces.

In Sri Lanka, the central and southern provinces produce most of its tea. Varying elevations and micro-climates influence the distinctive flavour, colour, aroma and seasonality of Ceylon tea.

Low-country (Upto 2000ft above sea level)

The regions of Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa are known for their long leaf tea. When tea from this region is brewed, you get a cuppa with a burgundy hue and a caramel and malty flavour. This black tea is popular in the Middle East, the CIS countries, and the UK.

Mid-country (2,000ft -4,000ft above sea-level)

Tea from the misty hills of Kandy is known for its full-bodied flavour and a copper tint. It’s a favourite amongst the Aussies and Americans.

High-country (Above 4,000ft from sea-level)

The eastern highlands of Uva, is celebrated world-wide for its intense pungency and refreshing aroma.) Unique to Uva are micro-climatic conditions that allow estate owners to experiment with growing new types of tea.

There are three other high-altitude provinces in Sri Lanka called Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, and Uda Pussellawa. If you like aromatic teas with a mellow character, you will love the tea from here.